Draw from Nature: Botanicals

Tutor: Ann-Kathrin Müller

Venue: Blackford Hill




  1 - 3.30 pm


*includes drawing materials

Edinburgh is a special city with easy access to enchanting green spaces. They provide us with clean air, repose, beauty, and if you’re lucky, you’ll know where to find your secret little foraging spots.

This drawing session aims to strengthen that bond with our urban flora. We will explore some of the seasonal botanical treasures of Blackford Hill as summer fades into autumn. Let us dig a bit deeper on a sunny late summer walk and draw from nature. Along with a local forager we will look out for:

Dandelion root



Hawthorn berry




Marshmallow (root)

Cramp bark 

Wild cherry


Shortly before the class we will confirm which of the botanicals we have located in an easily accessible location around Blackford Hill and which are in a suitable state to draw and possibly even forage, in a sustainable manner.

The class will include a crisp intro to the selected botanicals by a local forager. The main part of the class is to take some time to gain a deeper understanding of the construction of the plant by looking closely at its aesthetic particularities, textures, and diverse shapes and to translate this onto paper. The drawings will be in black-and white with a choice of pencils, inks with nibs, inks in copic markers, sharpies or charcoal as the medium.


Materials are provided. This class is for beginners and experts alike.