Drawing on the Landscape 


Tutor: Jill Martin Boualaxai

Venue: Various locations +  Wasps Studios Dalry


Monday  6.00  – 8.15 PM

   22 June  - 27 July


*includes all materials


This 6 weeks course will alternate between one week on-location drawing and one week studio development using printmaking processes.

The first week and each alternative week, we will visit a specific location within the city (indoor alternatives will be arranged for rainy days).

Using a variety of materials and expressive mark making techniques you will describe the city’s architectural forms, using the drawn mark to explore and respond to the rhythms and structures of the world around you.  You will be introduced to working with a range of wet & dry mediums including charcoal, graphite, ink, gouache and oil pastels.   Instruction will also be giving in the use of colour and small scale colour studies will be worked on directly from the landscape. On the alternate weeks we’ll be in the studio using the sketches from the previous week to create a series of unique prints. You will learn simple printmaking techniques such as monoprinting, lino and collograph.

Suitable for all levels of ability

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