Gin & Draw: Botanicals




  6.30 - 9 pm


*includes drawing materials + 1 gIn & tonic

Tutor: Ann-Kathrin Müller

Venue: The Safari Lounge

You like gin? And you like drawing? This is for you!


While sipping your gin & tonic, enjoy a snappy introduction to the history and craft of gin, get inspired by the varied botanicals surrounding you, and profit from handy tips and simple steps towards naturalistic drawing.


Combinations of juniper, angelica, coriander, lemon and many more plants make up the gin tasting experience. In this tutored class, we will take a naturalistic approach to drawing these verdures while leaving ample space for experimentation: Appreciating the characteristics of each individual ingredient and feeling how they fuel the taste buds will inspire your very own slant to botanical drawing. What story does the juniper whisper? What does lemon’s tangy fizz symbolise to you?


Taste the gin and draw your experience as we move between a close study of nature and a freestyle jam by your flavour!