Monday  6.30 – 8.45 PM

9 - 30 March 2020


*includes all materials

Tutor: Jill Martin Boualaxai

Venue: Wasps Studios Dalry

This 4 week course will enable you to develop unique prints working directly from a life model in the studio. 

Each session will concentrate on a different approach to engaging with the human figure, subjects will include line, gesture, tone, form, composition and colour.  You will have the opportunity to  experiment with various printmaking techniques: mono-printing, collograph, lino and etching as a way of developing drawing skills and an understanding of colour and composition.

Printmaking produces unique and unexpected results which can range from a bold statement to ghostly impressions. Come and explore the incidental qualities and textural possibilities of printmaking and how they can give your life drawing a new twist.

Suitable for all levels of ability