Autumnal Prints: Lino Workshop

Tutor:  Lorna Johnson

Venue: The Safari Lounge



 6.30 –9.00 PM



*includes all materials

or GET 15% Discount when booking with a friend!

Come down to The Safari Lounge and learn Lino printing. 

Linocut is a printmaking technique and a form of relief printing using a sheet of linoleum. A subtractive cutting method is used to take away the parts of linoleum where you want to leave the white of the page, and keep the parts you want to be inked!

We will be working from a Halloween and festive harvest theme, looking at shapes and contours from root vegetables like squash/ pumpkins and other nature inspired critters like bugs and beetles. If you want to do something spooky or to celebrate Samhain we would love to help you bring your ideas to life!

This is an opportunity to learn how to create unique prints and we will show you how to make decorative bunting with your prints, which make ideal gifts and home décor. Lino cutting is a versatile skill and ideal for home art projects.

With current social distancing guidelines, the number of attendees to this classes is now restricted. The room where the class is held has 6 available tables. Booking as an individual will cost £30 and you will have a table to yourself. If you book to come with friend you will get a 15% discount off the ticket prices when purchased at the same time. Please use the code 'group-discount' when booking your tickets. The ticket price covers tuition and  includes all printmaking materials for the session. 


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