Drawing paper onto paper

The first class of Contemporary Realism Drawing class today was about finding the beauty in something as simple as a scrunched up piece of paper. We scrunched up our eyes to locate the tonal shapes and we sushed the brain to trust our eyes. After a few warm ups with charcoal that focussed on "really looking", we moved on to graphite pencils and getting to know their characteristics, to create fine, technical tonal drawings of our scrunched up pieces of paper. We explored mark making, and the kind of marks that work well for drawing smooth surfaces. We are finding that realism takes time; to get into the rhythm we must quieten the brain, and trust the process. If Wednesday afternoons weren't

Typographical Landscapes

Week 2 of 'Making a Mark' was led by Sarah Calmus and the session delved into typography in art. The class began with a few quick warm up exercises. Creating a drawing of an object through the repetitive overlaying a letter. I particularly love the teapot constructed from T's.... Following on from this, the class was asked to create these mood drawings. What colour did they associate with a particular mood. The class had also been asked to bring in a piece of text. The text could be anything which they either felt inspired by, had influenced them, had an emotional response to, or particularly resonated with them. The last part of the evening was spent creating these mixed media prices in

Surface Prints

What a fantastic start to Jill and Sarah's 8 week 'Making A Mark' course. Last night was all about texture, surface and material substance. The class was given various tonal papers and encouraged to experiment with mono printing as a means of mark making, rolling the ink directly onto the still life objects and then transferring this surface impression onto paper. These papers were then torn, cut and rearranged to create an image of an object.

Experimental Drawing & Printing

Experimental Drawing will kick of on Monday next week with the first session exploring the surface of objects using experimental printmaking techniques. Other sessions in the course will involve working with text as a means to inspire drawing, drawing sound and movement and exploring the concept of weight and form in drawings. We are also excited to be incorporating working from the life model for a couple of sessions, capturing the gesture of a pose. What is the model doing rather than what do they look like. Join Jill and Sarah on Mondays from 7 - 9.15pm. Book Now #artclass #drawing #printmaking #edinburgh

‘Drawing on the Landscape’

‘Drawing on the Landscape’ is a new course led by Jill Martin Boualaxai once the weather get a bit warmer. This 6 week course will be split between a week of location drawing and a week experimenting with printmaking as a way of developing this sketchbook work. Find out more information and how to Book Now

Drink and Draw Gallery

Heres some of the prints from last nights Life Printing at The Safari Lounge. The next session is happening on the 6 February. Book Now

Snip and Stick

Rachel Mcbrinn is joining us on Wednesday evenings, to run a 5-week class exploring collage as a form of image-making, looking at a range of contemporary methods. evenings. The freedom of collage allows for unexpected connections and juxtapositions to be made, ideal for generating new ideas, situations and compositions. Only a few spaces remaining... Book Now

Draw Just Like That!

Looking for something to do Wednesday afternoons? Look no further... learn how to 'Draw just like that' With the lovely Jenna Corcoran. Classes explore the qualities of achromatic mediums charcoal and graphite to focus on mark making, tone, form and technique. Using both observational drawing and reference images we will learn how to achieve realistic looking drawings by focussing on achieving correct proportion & perspective, and capturing important details and textures. Book Now

Experiments of a drawn nature

Term kicks off 22 January with ‘Making a Mark: Experimental Drawing and Printing’ an opportunity to develop your own unique mark making responses through unconventional drawing approaches. Book Now

Drink and Draw

Looking forward to the next drink and draw session at the Safari Lounge this coming Thursday. Still tickets available through eventbrite here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/drink-and-draw-life-drawing-session-tickets-41451991021 #lifedrawing #printmaking #artclass #drinkanddraw

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New Year... New Website... New Venue

I've been a busy bee the last few days... Please have look and please tell me if you experience any difficulties with the new look. As well as a new website we've also got a new venue with classes starting up at Abbeymounts Studios at the end of the month 'Contemporary Realistic Drawing. How to draw just like that' with Jenna Corcoran Wednesday 2.30 - 5.30 pm Read More Collect. Collate. Collide Wednesday 6.30 - 9 pm with Rachel Mcbrinn Read More

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