Rhythms of the Room

Searching for the visual rhythms within the studio interior..,. The repetition of a line; horizontal, vertical and diagonally placed.  A line that describes the edge of a door, the top of a table or chair, the legs of an easel; the line that moves your eye from floor to ceiling.  Repeated shapes of circles; triangles and squares in the objects and paraphernalia that surround us. This is what we found.

the printed line

continuous lines short lines thick lines thin lines black lines white lines bold lines invisible lines wiggly lines curved lines straight lines #lifeprinting #line #artclass

Contemporary Realistic Drawing Objects of reflectivity

The weeks class focussed on the reflected light off transparent and shiny surfaces. We drew still lifes of everyday kitchen items, glasses and cutlery, with attention paid to dynamic compositions and mimicking the materiality of the objects. We began with a warm up to train our eyes to identify and place the reflected light of drinking glasses. Not worrying about the contour of the object, instead building up the drawing purely through drawing light with white on a coloured ground. These drawings are just sublime. Moving on to the stainless steel surface of cutlery, the focus here was on achieving correct proportion and perspective, as well as accurately portraying the reflections seen in th

Visual Beats

At this weeks ‘Experimental Drawing’ session we were responding to sound. Working to create visual beats from physical syncopation, to consider structure, balance, fields of focus and the wander of the gaze. Here is some great and thoughtful work produced through the movement, rhythm and mark-making focus of music. Movement captured in composition.

Saturday Afternoon Zoetropes

We created some 12 frame hand drawn loops on strips of paper and used the Zoetrope to make the animation come to life! Then we moved on to circular 10 frame loops and used the Praxinoscope to view them. The praxinoscope uses a slanted 10 sided mirror attached to a rotating disc to create the effect we need to trick our eye into seeing the movement. CLICK to see animations

Stick & Stones

Wednesday 7th Feb Contemporary Realism Drawing Class 2 Our topic last week was natural objects and texture. After viewing some inspiring images by artists practiced in detailed botanical work, we took some cues from their artworks into our warm ups, where we studied the subject from all angles, to get familiar with form and focused on tonal areas. Then on to the more technical drawings, using graphite to render monochromatic fine drawings full of texture and details. Mark making was an important aspect of being able to achieve realistic looking texture, whether it be the rough mottling of the stone or the smooth, shiny surface of a twig bark. The session taught us that looking, really lookin

Inky Printy

Drink and Draw is a monthly life printing session which runs downstairs at The Safari Lounge. It's a chance to come along and try out mono printing from a life model - all the materials are provided. The next date for the diary is 6 March. More Info The models poses are short so its fast and energetic drawing but just look what can be created in 2 - 5 mins....

Moving again

I am sad to say that the beautiful space at Abbeymount Studios where we've just started to run classes may no longer be available after the Easter break. As plans for next term need to be made, the next block of classes tutored by Jenna Corcoran and Rachel McBrinn will run just along the road at Edinburgh Palette. I plan to facilitate other pop up Look and Draw events at different venues throughout the city this year. Watch this space!

Drawing Life

We invited Komachi along to the class last night to strike some gestural poses for us to draw. The session was all about movement and capturing the figure in action. The poses were short, with only 30 seconds to capture the essence of the what the figure was doing. Komachi was also asked to move to music and the group had to respond to this movement with their marks. Even for the last 'longer pose' Komachi was asked to continuously shift her position and the drawings were constructed through repeated drawing and rubbing back of the image. What resulted is life drawing full of life!

Optical Illusions

On Saturday afternoon Cat’s animation class were making Thaumatropes, a fun optical creation from Victorian times. The word Thauma is derived from Greek, meaning a wonder or marvel, and Trope way, or to turn. It usually consists of a disc, with an image on one side and an image on the other, when spun quickly the two images merge, to create one image. The flickering effect tricks our visual senses, the same way it does when we watch the moving image on screen. The class expanded on this idea with two discs criss-crossed, and created some spinning 4 frame animated loops. Check out the animated videos here...

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