Printing the Landscape

With the weather a little warmer and the evenings staying lighter it's the perfect opportunity to take the studio outside. 'Drawing on the Landscape' will run from 7 May with the opportunity to visiting three locations to draw. We'll be heading along to Albert Dock to draw the magnificent old cranes and view over the Leith Dock as well as a trip up Calton Hill to sketch the panoramic views over the city. The third location is a secret indoor space... The alternative weeks will use these on location sketches to create a series of collograph, lino and mono prints.

Personality of the line

This is one of my all time favourite drawings by Auguste Rodin. I love the contrast of the soft fuzzy line describing the right outer contour of the figure against the sharp delineation on the left. The unselfconscious way the hand is described which is more concerned in capturing the movement. So much gesture is conveyed in this sketch. Week 1 of the 'Life into the Figure' class will be looking at line and the importance of variety in the marks of a drawing. We'll be working fast and playfully using a range of different materials to create the drawings. More information and how to book

Rules for making art

Richard Diebenkorn set himself these 10 rules when starting a painting. Seems we could apply these to all of our artistic endeavours. Here are your rules for arting today... 1. Attempt what is not certain. Certainty may or may not come later. It may then be a valuable delusion. 2. The pretty, initial position which falls short of completeness is not to be valued – except as a stimulus for further moves. 3. DO search. 4. Use and respond to the initial fresh qualities but consider them absolutely expendable. 5. Don’t “discover” a subject – of any kind. 6. Somehow don’t be bored but if you must, use it in action. Use its destructive potential. 7. Mistakes can’t be erased but they move you from

Drink and Draw

Our monthly 'Drink and Draw' was the usual hit this month. Here are just a few of prints which the group created. Next session is on Tue 8 May... still a few spaces available which can be booked in advance here

Colour Mono-Prints

The final two weeks of the Life Printing sessions concluded with colour work. We achieved balanced colour in these studies through limiting the palette to either warm or cool. This is a form of mono printing. The approach is simple, the ink is used like paint and applied to the surface of the perspex using brushes. The image is then transferred to paper, firstly using dry paper to blot print the image and then using damp paper to give a more unified surface print.


These etchings were created using takeaway lids and a needle. Its quite amazing the quality of the print from such a simple technique. Next block of life drawing will begin on April 26 for 8 weeks of fun-filled drawing and printing in response to the figure. More Info

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