Drawing to a closE

Blog week 7 Contemporary Realistic Drawing Artists have always used technology to help their drawing, such as drawing aids like gridded viewfinders and more recently, photography. We chatted about how we could use technology to achieve accurate perspective and scale in our drawings, and looked at some contemporary examples of monochromatic drawings that utilise these techniques to inspire us. As the term starts to draw to a close, we are working on a single drawing over the next 2 weeks. In tonight’s class we focussed mainly on setting up that drawing, carefully deciding on our subject matter, composition, medium and scale. We used source images and the grid technique to sketch out our drawi

Tonal Life Printing

These painterly mono-prints are a great way of capturing the drama of the light. The poses in the session ranged from 2 to 10 minutes and so there was little time to worry about the detail but rather simplify capture the play of light and dark shapes in the set up and figure.

Inked Gestural Lines

When drawing gesture.. draw what the model is doing rather than that they look like. Gesture drawing brings life into the life drawing.

Drink and Draw November

First Tuesday of the month downstairs at The Safari Lounge. Next date is 4 December Book Now

Time to reflect!

Contemporary Realistic Drawing Blog week 6 We touched on the reductive drawing technique in our warm-up last week when we were looking at reflected light. This week we took it a step further by drawing with white conte on black paper. I threw a bit of a spanner in the works though – or more accurately, a whisky glass! The symmetrical, angled crystal glass provided wonderful shapes of light, but also the challenge of just how to measure and draw such an intricate object. The conte, being thicker and less controllable than the pencils or pens we’ve been using so far, meant that we had to both scale up our drawings and relinquish some of the desire for absolute accuracy. For added depth and con

Make your own Christmas cards.

Fancy getting creative this Christmas and making your own festive greetings cards? Join Lorna downstairs at The Safari Lounge on the 2 December and create your own lino print designs, learn how to print them and take away the lino and print as many as you like at home. More information and how to book HERE

Shiny happy people!

Contemporary Realistic Drawing Blog Week 5 So far when we’ve been applying tone, we have been building it up, making areas darker. For the swift warm up this evening, we instead focused on the areas of light and drew with an eraser. Then, continuing with exploring the advantages of pointillism in creating realistic drawings and textures, we attempted to replicate the effect of stainless steel of a coffee pot. Initially unsure that it was going to work, the shiny surface began to reveal itself and a three-dimensional coffee pot emerged. The key, as always, was to go slow and be methodical, but also not to be too heavy handed to allow the white of the paper show through and give effect of a sh

Feeling the mark

Back 2 Basics Blog week 1 The first of 5 classes in drawing essentials was an exploration of surface textures and form. The session was jam packed with quick experimental drawing techniques using variety of different drawing materials. Students were pushed out of their comfort zone when encouraged to draw an object through the sensation of touch, to draw without looking at their paper and to use their none dominant hand to create the work. The resulting drawings are full of exciting and energetic marks which have been made more intuitively rather than overly intellectualised.

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