Rhythmical Drawing

Week 4 Blog Back to Basics: Drawing Essentials This session was all about Rhythm in drawing. Rhythm is a basic visual concept that must be understood to create compositions in drawing and painting. We can say that rhythm is as a flow of movement, generated by the repetition of elements with the same features. Using the interior of the studio drawings were created which responded to the repetition of similar lines, shapes and forms around the room. The horizontal and vertical lines that describe a wall, door, table or chair must be searched for with the eye and these rhythmical marks recorded on paper to create the sense of space in the drawing

Gestural Drawing

Back to Basic Week 3 Blog The group was challenged to capture the action of the pose in 40 seconds!!! When time is limited it forces an immediate response to what the model is doing rather than what they look like. Even the longer pose this evening was a succession of these quick drawings layered on top of one another, each time the lines rubbed away before redrawing. The layering of the materials and ghostly lines from the previous drawings captures the gesture and results in drawings full of life and movement.

Linocut Christmas Cards

Hope you've all got your Christmas cards posted. Here are a few of the lovely lino cut cards that were created in the The Safari Lounge a few Sundays back when the lovely Lorna joined us to show us how. We will be running another linocut class in the new year so keep an eye out for more details....

Finishing touches

Week 8 blog Contemporary Realistic Drawing We are well and truly into winter now, the nights are dark and the air is cold. What better way to while-away a miserably damp evening than getting cosy, drinking tea and drawing? Everyone’s hard work over the term, and last week, has paid off, as students become artists in this last lesson of contemporary realistic drawing. Having started the main prep of their drawings last week, tonight’s class was to allow everyone time to really delve into creating their artwork. These things don’t happen quickly though. As the drawings began to emerge it was clear that to finish a full drawing completely, it would probably take another 10 hours! But the techni

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