Meaning and Substance

What a joy to have Paul Martin join us in the studio for a workshop exploring the relationship between what we see, what it makes us know and feel and the material, rhythmical and colour qualities of our subject. The day was an opportunity to play with found and improvised materials. Pigments such as ebony, ash and red earth, colouring dyes from onion skin and red cabbage were mixed into glue mediums from rice, flour and eggs. The class was encouraged to explore the nature of leaves and foliage using the inherent character of the materials provided to create beautifully layered and textural surfaces.

Figures in Space

Last of the life drawing course this term was all about making a connection between the figure and the room. Looking for rhythms and shapes that are echoed from figure to wall to furniture to floor. The layering of these rhythmical marks embedding the figure in the drawn space.

Painting Pots

MaryAnne Hunt has been sharing her watercolour expertise with us on a Thursday evening for a short introduction to working with the medium. These small studies were focusing on finding the subtle colours in the shadows.

Seeing Planes

Plane /pleɪn/ Noun 1. a flat surface on which a straight line joining any two points on it would wholly lie.

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