Shaping the life model

Here’s just a few of the life drawings from our Back 2 Basics drawing class last night. The focus of the session was to simplify the human form into abstract shapes as a means of finding accurate proportions without measuring. The drawings were executed quickly, first putting the large overall shapes that encompass the pose and then looking for smaller shapes within and around the form. The drawings were constantly changed and altered in this search.

From sketch to print

Last night our landscape students worked from their drawings of Leith from week 1..... transforming them into these wonderful Lino-prints!

Mono-prints on the beach

Last Tuesday was so sunny that we couldn’t possibly stay inside for our printing class... so we went to the beach. The mobile printing studio worked out pretty well!

Back to Basics

Week 1 of the course was focused on drawing objects and natural forms in terms of their textural qualities.

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