Processing the Image


Day Workshop

  10.00  –  4.30 PM

16 March 2019


*includes all materilas 

Tutor: Matthew Storstein

Venue: Wasps Studios Dalry

Drawing from a clothed model, students will work rapidly, energetically and fearlessly, creating images that are as much about the process and abstract properties of the piece as they are about observation and description.

The aim will be to make it impossible to overthink and become precious but instead to surrender to the process and discover the image.  The moment the image becomes predictable and safe it will be destroyed, the process of destruction incorporated into the surface of the piece and providing the starting point for the next state. Observations of the model will be spontaneous, intuitive and direct leading to simplification, exaggeration and distortion. The final images a poetic meeting between the abstract and the descriptive with each enhancing the other, leading to images that are mysterious, unsettling and compelling.