Contemporary Realistic Drawing Objects of reflectivity

The weeks class focussed on the reflected light off transparent and shiny surfaces. We drew still lifes of everyday kitchen items, glasses and cutlery, with attention paid to dynamic compositions and mimicking the materiality of the objects.

We began with a warm up to train our eyes to identify and place the reflected light of drinking glasses. Not worrying about the contour of the object, instead building up the drawing purely through drawing light with white on a coloured ground. These drawings are just sublime.

Moving on to the stainless steel surface of cutlery, the focus here was on achieving correct proportion and perspective, as well as accurately portraying the reflections seen in the surface of the objects. In some cases, the reflections included our own faces, in an M.C. Escher-esque self portrait. Students were able to really portray the solidity, weight, form and matter of the subjects.

Jenna will be running another Contemporary Realistic Drawing class beginning on a Wednesday evening beginning 18 April. More information

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