Drawing of paper on paper

Blog week 1 - Contemporary Realistic Drawing

We are back for another term of contemporary realism drawing, where over the course of the next 8 weeks we will learn different techniques and skills that come together to help create realistic looking drawings.

We jumped straight in with getting to know the ‘tools of the trade’ – which for the first few weeks will be graphite pencils – and mark making technique for covering areas with smooth pencil work. Then on to some quick observational exercises, before diving into our first observational drawing, of paper on paper! (absolutely not the easiest thing to draw in our first class!)

Our focus was to go slow, observe all the edges and undulations, and notice the subtle changes in tone. Everyone did some really effective drawings this class, I can see we have some very talented artists on our hands! Look out for the fantastic and speedy progress everyone is undoubtedly going to make over the course of the term.

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