Drawing paper onto paper

The first class of Contemporary Realism Drawing class today was about finding the beauty in something as simple as a scrunched up piece of paper. We scrunched up our eyes to locate the tonal shapes and we sushed the brain to trust our eyes.

After a few warm ups with charcoal that focussed on "really looking", we moved on to graphite pencils and getting to know their characteristics, to create fine, technical tonal drawings of our scrunched up pieces of paper. We explored mark making, and the kind of marks that work well for drawing smooth surfaces.

We are finding that realism takes time; to get into the rhythm we must quieten the brain, and trust the process.

If Wednesday afternoons weren't an option for you to join this course... you'll be happy to hear that Jenna will be running another session after the Easter break.

The class will move to a Tuesday evening from 6.30 - 9 pm. More Information

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