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Week 8 blog

Contemporary Realistic Drawing

We are well and truly into winter now, the nights are dark and the air is cold. What better way to while-away a miserably damp evening than getting cosy, drinking tea and drawing?

Everyone’s hard work over the term, and last week, has paid off, as students become artists in this last lesson of contemporary realistic drawing.

Having started the main prep of their drawings last week, tonight’s class was to allow everyone time to really delve into creating their artwork. These things don’t happen quickly though. As the drawings began to emerge it was clear that to finish a full drawing completely, it would probably take another 10 hours!

But the techniques, the patience and determination, and the understanding of how to go about starting and finishing a drawing of this resolve, are all there. By the end of the class, things were all coming together, and the everyone’s drawings were really starting to resemble the images they were working from – the smooth sea, complex leaves or textured bricks.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the class, I really enjoyed teaching everyone and watching your abilities develop! Thank you for slowing down, being patient and trusting the process. I hope you are as delighted with your talent as I am. And I hope everyone keeps drawing! I am moving back to Melbourne in 8 weeks (!!!) so this was my last bit of teaching with Look & Draw, thanks to Jill for having me on board teaching another term. Adios!

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