Look & Draw Temporarily Closed!

In light of the current situation with Covid 19 and government advice to stay home and avoid unnecessary contact I believe that it is irresponsible of me to continue as normal and I have made the difficult decision to cancel all my remaining classes this term. As a small business this is particularly challenging financially and I would like to thank all my students who have sent kind and supportive messages. Your willingness to be flexible and allow me to postpone classes and offer discounts rather than refunds is very much appreciated. The situation is unclear just now as to how long this lockdown situation will continue and so the new term after Easter potentially requires a new approach. I am working on this just now and will update you shortly.

In the meantime here is a picture of me enjoying the sunshine this morning in my happy new cat jumper which I got for a £1! Stay safe and happy people. Much love

Jill x.

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