Plaster + Ink + Light = Installation

We drew the Experimental Drawing and Printing course to a close in this final Monday session in an exciting combined process-led workshop that culminated in a group-made installation of animated mono prints and relief casted plaster sculptures. Split into two stages, the students worked individually in two groups to work with plaster and with printing. In stage one, the students built clay molds into which objects were pressed and embedded and after considering composition and depth, plaster was mixed and poured. After drying, the sculptures were relieved of their clay to be free standing plaster cast sculptures. Stage two consisted of layered mono printing, whereby the combining and building layers of prints with different coloured ink and different methods of printing and relief printing created a series of works, that when combined, photographed and projected, would form very short, simple animations. This was a great way to highlight how beneficial it can be to combine more traditional methodology and techniques with more contemporary mediums and technologies to create new exciting work. This workshop very clearly shows how valuable it can prove to be, to combine displines, and expressed this elegantly in the strength of this installation. Here light dances, prints brought to life through projected animation, meeting plaster relief sculptures in a delicate balance, strongly enhancing the work, to create an experience of a rich and varied unexpected nature.

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