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Contemporary Realistic Drawing

Blog week 6

We touched on the reductive drawing technique in our warm-up last week when we were looking at reflected light. This week we took it a step further by drawing with white conte on black paper. I threw a bit of a spanner in the works though – or more accurately, a whisky glass! The symmetrical, angled crystal glass provided wonderful shapes of light, but also the challenge of just how to measure and draw such an intricate object.

The conte, being thicker and less controllable than the pencils or pens we’ve been using so far, meant that we had to both scale up our drawings and relinquish some of the desire for absolute accuracy. For added depth and contrast, black conte was used to put back in to the darker areas.

It was a difficult class for many, but I feel this interesting technique deserved a whirl, and there’s nothing like taking artists out of their comfort zone (even just for 1 week!). The resulting drawings, as you can see, are extremely impressive and effective – the artists’ hard work (and frustration) paid off!

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