Studio Practice

Tutors:  Jill M Boualaxai & Matthew Storstein

Venue: WASPS Studios Dalry



  10.00 – 4.30 PM

3 - 7 August 2020  


*includes materials 

Studio practice invites individuals whom are already creating their own work to develop and expand their practice under the guidance of experienced tutors and practicing artists, Jill M Boualaxai & Matthew Storstein.

The week will be structured around students continuing their own work, alongside individual tutorials which aim to identify the core of each students practice and devise strategies to take it forward.  The week will provide students with critical feedback on their work, introduce new practical skills and advice on how to continue in the weeks to follow.

The studio will be equipped with a range of drawing and painting materials for students to use. Including paper, charcoal, graphite, acrylic and oil paint, pigments, binders and solvents. A full list will be provided prior to the course so students know what additional materials they may wish to bring along.

Please Note:  We are optimistic that government regulations will allow us to run studio practice summer school.  We will take the necessary precautions to ensure the space is safe and compliant with government recommendations. ​We will be keeping a close eye on developments and if we are unable to run the class a full refund will be given. 


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