Surface Impressions- Experimental Printing



  10.00  –  4.30 PM


*includes all materilas 

Tutor: Jill Martin Boualaxai

Venue: Wasps Studios Dalry

This workshop is an experimental and playful approach to printmaking which explores mono printing as a process for discovering a new vocabulary of mark-making.  Working with both textured objects and prepared surfaces, you will learn a simple technique for transfering the impression of the surface onto paper,  creating a vast number of exploratory prints on various tonal papers.   These papers will form a rich bank of collage materials that will then be use in the afternoon; tearing, cutting and rearranging them to form a collaged image of an object.


At the end of the day you will leave  with a collection of exploratory monoprints and a resolved collage.

 Come and explore the accidental qualities and textural possibilities of printmaking.