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Hot Easels: Your Co-working Studio Space

Are you an artist seeking a collaborative environment for artistic growth?


Starting in June, our bright top floor studio in the heart of the Newhaven community will be available for booking as personal space to work on art projects.


Hot Easels offers temporary daily studio space in a shared environment, fostering artistic growth through interaction with fellow creatives. Similar to hot desking, it allows you to book art space and be surrounded by a supportive community of artists, providing a platform to exchange ideas, skills, and gain inspiration. Running on select Thursdays, this co-working initiative aims to provide artists with a dedicated space for peer learning and discussion.

Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Dedicated studio space in a shared studio 

  • The studio is equipped with easels, chairs, a table, a palette, rags and jars – everything you need to get started. 

  • Basic materials provided: newsprint, charcoal, ink, and pencils, Please bring your own specialised materials.

  • Complimentary tea/coffee​

The studio is suitable for 2D practices. Due to the shared nature of the space certain materials are not allowed including spay paints and fixative.  Thinners and solvents for oil paints can be used but must be kept in a covered jar to reduce the fumes for those working around you. . Please get in touch if you have any queries. 

Cost: £35 for full-day 

Next Session Dates



10 am  - 4.30 pm



10 am  - 4.30 pm



10 am  - 4.30 pm

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