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Unleash Your Inner Artist

At Look and Draw, we provide a nurturing environment that guides and challenges you. Explore your unique artistic voice through mark-making techniques, while building essential skills and knowledge. Our welcoming classes cater to all abilities. Reintroducing the joy of play into art lies at the heart of everything we do!


More Than Just Classes

We believe in fostering a thriving art community. Our untutored sessions and mentorship programs provide a platform for growth and connection,  ideas and skills sharing, a and peer support for artists hoping to evolve their practice.

Empowering Artists

Look and Draw was established by Jill Martin Boualaxai, in 2012. Classes are led by passionate professionals dedicated to supporting the wider artist community. We offer paid teaching opportunities to practicing artists, fostering a vibrant ecosystem.

Regardless of your current skill level, our classes will equip you with the tools to elevate your artistic journey.

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