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Drawing on the Landscape




5.30 - 7.45 pm

26 June - 24 July

£120 (£3.22 BF)

Tutor: Evie Rose Thornton

Look up, Look down, Look through, Look into, Look around. Explore and draw!

During the course, you will receive a sketchbook and various drawing materials. You will be encouraged you to find what interests you in the built landscape, focusing on gathering visual information rather than creating finished artwork. You will describe the city's architectural forms through your drawings, exploring the rhythms and structures of the world around you. Each session will have a specific focus, covering the basics of drawing, including texture, line, form, light, and space.

We will break down each subject into a series of short drawing exercises designed to help you intuitively develop your mark-making and drawing skills while also challenging your understanding of what drawing is. You will be introduced to working with various mediums, including charcoal, graphite, ink, gouache, and oil pastels. You will also receive instruction in using colour, and you'll create small colour studies directly from the landscape. Classes will be held primarily outdoors, with alternative indoor sessions for rainy days.

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